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5 Culinary Masterpieces that Are Easier to Make than They Look

Published on: 19 Nov 2015

culinary masterpieces

Ever watched a cookery programme and thought ‘I can make that’, only to later have a go and discover it wasn’t quite as easy a recipe as it looked? Well, we’re flipping that situation on its head today, by bringing you some quick and easy recipes that are much simpler to make than you’d expect. 

While you might be thinking about training to be a chef, or entering the leisure jobs industry as a kitchen porter, there are a few ‘cheat’ meals you can have a go at making before you quite reach that level. Here are five of our favourites from around the Internet:

pheasant dish

Roast Pheasant with Wild Mushroom, Potato and Bacon - A perfect Sunday afternoon choice, this delicious roast pheasant dish can be found on BBC Good Food, amongst a host of equally achievable meal options. Taking just an hour and 15 minutes to cook and a further 20 minutes on top of that to prepare, this is a quick end easy weekend recipe that’s bound to impress friends and family. Porcini sautéed potatoes are recommended as the perfect accompaniment to this recipe, which is a good starting point for an amateur chef.

mussels dish

Mussels in Spiced Broth – You’ve tried standard mussels soaked in white wine, now try these. Another winning recipe from the BBC Good Food site, this delicious starter for two is both impressive and delicious. The John Torode recipe – creamy coconut broth with plump orange mussels – takes just 30 minutes to prepare and cook. Give it a go!

2 ingredient chocolate cake

Two-ingredient Chocolate Cake – And now for something a little different…let us introduce to you the two-ingredient chocolate cake, which will impresse even the biggest foodies amongst your friends. It couldn’t be easier to make and it’s tasty, too – you can find out how to make it by heading over to this handy Daily Mail article.

scallops and chorizo dish

Scallops and Chorizo – Ah, Nigella; she doesn’t puts a foot wrong when it comes to food. These delicious scallops look absolutely delicious, too. A real treat for fans of fresh fish, this recipe will serve a dinner party of four as a main course, or eight as a starter. Featuring bacon and chilli, the chorizo scallops are ‘quicker than the speed of light’ to make, according to Nigella and ‘quite dazzling’, too.

orange fruit charlotte

Orange Fruit Charlotte – Don’t like the sound of the chocolate cake, above? Instead try this fruity classic, which is the perfect dessert to whip out at a dinner party thanks to its impressive appearance. I mean, just look at it!


Interested in training to become a chef to ensure you can knock up meals like this with your eyes closed? Your first port of call may be an NQV, but make sure you check for the best course to suit you. And don’t forget to look at getting any hands-on experience you can before and during your course. Spending time working in a kitchen will give you plenty of chance to not only develop your skills but sample what life is like as a top chef, too.