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How to Cook Like a Masterchef: Our Top Tips

Published on: 25 Nov 2015


What kind of skills and character traits make up a great chef? We bet it’s a different set of answers per diner; after all, we’re all looking to have our very own set of boxes ticked when we go out for a meal.

Some would perhaps choose taste above anything else, even if the food in question has just been chucked on a plate with little care over presentation. Others will love the almost pretentiousness some high class dining experiences offer, with their miniscule portions and obscure ingredients. But as with anything, there’ll be a few things everyone can agree on – and when it comes to the makings of a great cook, here are just some three of the traits we think he or she should possess:

Talent – There is no substitute for talent, and while cooking is a skill that can be learned, some people do tend to have a certain flair for it. If you have a passion for the hobby, you’re half way there, so do all you can to nurture it until cooking becomes less something you do in your free time and more something you get paid for. Of course, there are certain things you can do to become more skilled, too. Think about enrolling on an advanced culinary course, or refresh your skills with a day-long class with friends. Keep on top of new developments in the cooking world, too; it’ll help you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Creativity – If you’d like to get to Masterchef level, it’s also vital you have an air of creativity about you. We’re not asking you to become a rival for Heston Blumenthal and his inventive cooking style, but adding a bit of panache here and there will ensure you’re firmly in diners’ minds when they’re looking for somewhere to eat. Try new flavour combinations or unusual ingredients; you don’t have to go overboard with wacky ingredients to set out your stall as the creative cook you are. Surprising your diners every now and then with a few new specials on the menu or an addition to a well-loved classic will go a long way.

Attention to Detail – Think about the last great meal you enjoyed? What was it about that meal that made you really sit up and take notice? The chances are, it was because the chefs added something that little bit different to your dining experience. Maybe you received a complimentary handmade truffle with your after-dinner coffee? Or perhaps an addition of a homemade hunk of bread and lashings of warm butter made that soup even more special? Whatever it was that made your meal a little out of the ordinary is most likely down to the chef and his or her unique attention to detail. Try to emulate this and it’ll ensure your diners always feel special and are more likely to try your food again.

Want to get into the leisure jobs industry? Bear the above tips in mind and if you’re not quite there yet, hone your skills until you’re ready to take the plunge.